Provisions of Hope
Beginning in 2017 as a campaign to get students the supplies needed to start well at the beginning of the school year, The Provisions of Hope program has expanded to supply our Lydia’s Place Friends with their immediate and gap needs. Those needs usually fall in the following areas:

  2. FOOD

The Provisions of Hope program is blessed to be supported by many donors and volunteers who work to help supply and organize our Provisions of Hope Warehouse with the supplies needed to support our Lydia’s Place Friends.



Suitable clothing for all types of weather and seasons are important for a student to feel more secure in executing their goals for each day, month, and year. Lydia’s Place Friends (Male and Female) can come and “shop” our variety of clothing and apparel for their specific needs which may include:

  1. Everyday Clothes
  2. Working Clothes
  3. Interview Clothing
  4. Clothing Accessories

Lydia’s Place also works to help supply other clothing closets on campuses in the Athens area.



Many of our Friends come to us on a “Pack of Crackers” diet. Proper nourishment and a proper diet are important for being able to function in classes and training. Many poor decisions that negatively impact a young adult can be attributed to poor nutrition and a lack of food. We work to get their food needs fulfilled immediately through our “Food Starter Pack”. Also, Lydia’s Place Friends can come and select from an assortment of canned and non-perishable goods in our warehouse.

Lydia’s Place also works to help supply other food closets on campuses in the Athens and surrounding areas.


furniture & housing supplies

Once a student can establish housing, many times they can only afford the rent payments and are left with no other resource to supply their home. Through our resources of furniture and housing resources we can help supply our Friends with the essentials needed to have a comfortable home. 

Lydia's Place - Donations

provisions of hope baskets

The Provisions of Hope Baskets Campaign is our way to support those students who are starting their semester of school or training that don't have a family or support system. We want to get them what they need for a comfortable transition and a great start to their academic year.

The campaign usually begins in July and collections are gathered up into August. Please click below for more information and how you or your organization can help support this campaign each year.